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It is through the spirit of  God's reconciling, healing, life-giving work that we proceed to offer hope for the people of Walltown.

Helping Hands

Mission Statement

"In response to God's calling and in a spirit of reconciliation and renewal, Walltown Neighborhood Ministries and partners seek to engage and empower the residents of Walltown to create a community where every person can achieve educational, economic, physical and spiritual well-being."


"The rise of Walltown Neighborhood Ministries and the signs of renewal in the neighborhood have been brought by prayer, patience, and persistence. We believe in miracles."

Quotes taken from Walltown Rising: Patience, Prayer, and Persistence, a story of five churches efforts to help re-build a neighborhood, dated March 1, 2001 by Mel Williams, Pastor (Watts Street Baptist Church)


Churches Represented at First Meeting on March 4, 1996

  1. Bishop Luther Brooks                       St. James Baptist Church

  2. Pastor Brian Irving                           Northside Baptist Church

  3. Rev. Ed Hanegar     Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian Church

  4. Rev. Robert Daniels        St. John's Missionary Baptist Church

  5. Rev. Mel Williams                           Watts Street Baptist Church

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